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I dag
20:00  Mad Love (1935)

A mad doctor grafts the hands of a murderer on to a concert pianist's wrists.
21:30  Beast With Five Fingers, The (1946)

After a famous pianist's murder, his hand returns to wreak vengeance.
23:15  Hands of a Stranger (1962)

An experimental hand transplant leaves a pianist driven to kill.
01:00  Brain That Wouldn't Die, The (1962)

A scientist keeps his wife''''s severed head alive until he can find a new body for her.
02:30  Corruption (1967)

When a plastic surgeon accidentally disfigures his model girlfriend, he becomes obsessed with restoring her face.
04:15  Eyes Without a Face (1959)

A surgeon steals young women's faces hoping to heal his daughter's scars.
Lørdag d. 10-10
06:00  Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)

An Eddie Cantor look-alike organizes an all-star show to help the war effort.
08:30  Horse Feathers (1932)

In an effort to beef up his school's football team, a college president mistakenly recruits two loonies.
10:00  Batman and Robin: Batman's Last Chance (1949)

10:30  Bulldog Drummond in Africa (1938)

Drummond, his girlfriend and his butler try to free an high post of Scotland Yard who has been kidnapped.
11:45  X The Unknown (1956)

A radioactive ooze terrorizes a remote Scottish village.
13:15  Under Capricorn (1949)

Newly arrived in Australia, a man discovers his childhood love is now an alcoholic.
15:30  My Darling Clementine (1946)

When the Clantons steal his family's cattle and kill his brother, Wyatt Earp signs on as sheriff of Tombstone and vows to bring them in.
17:30  Sunrise At Campobello (1960)

After a bout with polio, future president Franklin Roosevelt fights to save his political career.
20:00  Ninotchka (1939)

A coldhearted Soviet agent is warmed up by a trip to Paris and a night of love.
22:00  Lavender Hill Mob, The (1952)

An overlooked gold transporter with twenty years service plots to steal a million pounds of gold.
23:30  Zazie Dans Le Metro (1960)

A precoccious and wild young 11-year-old girl comes to stay with her drag queen uncle in Paris for a few days with her ultimate dream being to take a ride on the Metro, but when a strike prevents this, she takes him on a wild romp through the streets of P
01:15  Robert Osborne's 20th Anniversary Tribute (2015)

A look back at Robert Osborne's life and career as host of Turner Classic Movies.
02:15  Streetfighter (1975)

A Depression-era boxer tries to succeed despite his gambling-addicted manager.
04:00  Enter the Dragon (1973)

A U.S. agent enters a martial arts tournament to spy on an international super-villain.
Søndag d. 11-10
06:00  Mr. Lucky (1943)

A gambling-ship owner is out to fleece a beautiful society woman, but falls in love.
08:00  Neptune's Daughter (1949)

Mistaken identity complicates a polo player's romance with a bathing suit designer.
10:00  Moguls & Movie Stars, A History of Hollywood: Dream Merchants, The (2010)

11:00  Moguls & Movie Stars, A History of Hollywood: Brother, Can You Spare a Dream? (2010)

12:00  Blue Gardenia, The (1953)

A telephone operator kills in self-defense but can't remember the details of the encounter.
13:45  Summer Place, A (1959)

An adulterous couple discovers that their children are sexually involved.
16:00  Divorce, American Style (1967)

A bored couple drifts toward divorce, only to discover how hard the single life is.
18:00  Adam's Rib (1949)

Husband-and-wife lawyers argue opposite sides in a sensational women''s rights case.
20:00  Star Is Born, A (1954)

A falling star marries the newcomer he's helping reach the top.
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23:00  It Should Happen To You (1954)

A dizzy model in love with fame rents a billboard and puts her name on it.
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00:30  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)

In this silent film, a doctor''''s research into the roots of evil turns him into a hideous monster.
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02:00  Grim Reaper, The (1962)

Police search for a prostitute's murderer.
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03:45  Mamma Roma (1962)

A streetwalker tries to save her son from a life of crime.
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Mandag d. 12-10
06:00  Cast a Dark Shadow (1955)

A wife-killer marries an innocent barmaid and plots her death.
07:30  Experiment Perilous (1944)

A small-town doctor tries to help a beautiful woman with a deranged husband.
09:30  Suspicion (1941)

A wealthy wallflower suspects her penniless playboy husband of murder.
11:30  Strangers on a Train (1951)

A man's joking suggestion that he and a chance acquaintance trade murders turns deadly.
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13:30  Dial M for Murder (1954)

A straying husband frames his wife for the murder of the man he'd hired to kill her.
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15:30  Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1946)

Illicit lovers plot to kill the woman's older husband.
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17:30  Elevator to the Gallows (1958)

A businessman kills his boss to cover up his affair with the man's wife.
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19:30  MGM Parade Show #16 (1955)

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20:00  Matter of Life and Death, A (1947)

An injured aviator argues in celestial court for the chance to go on living.
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22:00  Bishop's Wife, The (1947)

An angel helps set an ambitious bishop on the right track.
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00:00  First of the Few, The (1942)

An aircraft designer struggles to create a new kind of fighter plane to take on the Nazis.
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02:15  Way Ahead, The (1944)

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03:45  Enchantment (1948)

When a well-off family takes in a young orphan, her presence ignites romance and jealousy.
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Tirsdag d. 13-10
07:15  Kiss for Corliss, A (1949)

A false rumor spreads through a town about the relationship between a teenage girl and an older sophisticated man.
08:45  Naked Kiss, The (1964)

After killing her pimp, a prostitute runs away to small-town America in a futile search for normality.
10:30  Strangers May Kiss (1931)

A sophisticated woman risks her marriage for love of a ruthless schemer.
12:00  That Midnight Kiss (1949)

A singing truck driver battles snobbery to become a star.
14:00  Kiss Me Kate (1953)

Feuding co-stars reunite for a musical version of Shakespeare''''s "The Taming of the Shrew."
16:00  Kissin' Cousins (1964)

A singing military officer gets mixed up with his look-alike hillbilly cousin.
18:00  Kissing Bandit, The (1948)

A timid young man is forced to follow in his father's footsteps as a notorious masked bandit.
20:00  Crossing Delancey (1988)

An aging woman hires a matchmaker to find her independent granddaughter a man.
22:00  Look Who's Talking (1989)

A fatherless baby tries to influence his mother's love life.
23:45  Dry White Season, A (1989)

In South Africa, a white schoolteacher''''s life and values are threatened when he asks about a black boy who died in police custody.
01:30  Mrs. Soffel (1984)

A prison warden''''s wife is seduced into helping a notorious killer escape.
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03:30  Cookie (1989)

A paroled mobster hires his illegitimate daughter to work as his chauffeur.
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Onsdag d. 14-10
06:00  Intolerance (1916)

In this silent film, four stories from different eras intertwine to depict man's inhumanity to man.
09:30  La Boheme (1926)

11:15  Broken Blossoms (1919)

In this silent film, an Asian man in London falls in love with an abused child.
13:00  Scarlet Letter, The (1926)

In this silent film version of the classic tale, a single mother in Puritan New England bears her shame alone rather than expose the child''''s father.
15:00  Way Down East (1920)

A country girl tries to return home after being abandoned by her wealthy seducer.
17:30  White Sister, The (1923)

Thinking her lover was killed in the war, a young woman becomes a nun.
20:00  Leave Her to Heaven (1945)

A beautiful neurotic will stop at nothing to hold onto her husband's love.
22:00  Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The (1947)

A spirited widow rents a haunted cottage and builds an emotional bond with the resident ghost.
00:00  Clockwork Orange, A (1971)

Based on Anthony Burgess's disturbing novel about England in the totalitarian future, a Beethoven-loving, head-bashing punk who leads his gang on ultra-violent assaults is captured and subjected to nasty behavior-modification therapy.
02:30  Time After Time (1979)

When Jack the Ripper steals his time machine, author H.G. Wells travels to modern-day San Francisco to track him down.
04:30  Hands of the Ripper (1971)

The daughter of Jack the Ripper continues his grisly legacy.
Torsdag d. 15-10
06:00  Heart Of New York, The (1932)

When he invents a new washing machine, a plumber becomes a millionaire.
07:15  Three on a Match (1932)

A woman's childhood friends try to rescue her from gangsters.
08:30  Elmer The Great (1933)

A country hick bats his way to baseball stardom.
09:45  Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)

Three chorus girls fight to keep their show going and find rich husbands.
11:30  Anthony Adverse (1936)

An orphan runs off to a life of adventure, then returns to France in search of the girl he left behind.
14:00  They Won't Forget (1937)

Bigotry flares when a teacher is accused of killing a small-town girl in the South.
15:45  Random Harvest (1942)

A woman''''s happiness is threatened when she discovers her husband has been suffering from amnesia.
18:00  East Side, West Side (1949)

A chic New York couple is torn apart by a seductive model.
20:00  Araya (1959)

21:30  Harlan County, U.S.A. (1976)

Kentucky miners risk their lives in a violent strike.
23:30  Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter, The (1980)

Interviews and rare film clips capture the lives of women doing factory work during World War II.
00:45  Portrait of Jason (1967)

An aspiring entertainer reveals what it means to be black and gay in the '60s.
02:45  Decline of Western Civilization, The (1981)

Documentary cameras capture the thriving Los Angeles punk scene of the early 1980s.
04:45  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Story, The (1950)

Fredag d. 16-10
06:00  MGM Parade Show #16 (1955)

06:30  National Velvet (1944)

A British farm girl fights to train a difficult horse for the Grand National Steeplechase.
08:45  Hoodlum Saint, The (1946)

After finding religion, a cynical newspaperman tries to help young hoods.
10:30  Tenth Avenue Angel (1948)

A child of the tenements helps an ex-con find a new life.
12:00  Red Danube, The (1949)

A Russian ballerina in Vienna tries to flee KGB agents and defect.
14:15  Kind Lady (1951)

A con artist and his criminal cohorts hold an old lady hostage in her own home.
15:45  Lawless Street, A (1955)

A Marshal's past comes back to haunt him.
17:15  Screen Directors Playhouse: Claire (1956)

17:45  Long Hot Summer, The (1958)

Ben Quick arrives in Frenchman's Bend, MS after being kicked out of another town for allegedly burning a barn for revenge. Will Varner owns just about everything in Frenchman's Bend and he hires Ben to work in his store. Will thinks his own son, Jody, who
20:00  Nanny, The (1965)

A disturbed young man tries to prove his nanny is out to kill him.
21:45  Bad Seed, The (1956)

A woman suspects that her perfect little girl is a ruthless killer.
00:00  Children Of The Damned (1964)

Space invaders impregnate six women with super-powered offspring.
01:45  Village Of The Damned (1961)

After a mysterious blackout, the inhabitants of a British village give birth to emotionless, super-powered offspring.
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03:15  Curse of the Cat People, The (1944)

A lonely child creates an imaginary playmate with surprisingly dangerous results.
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04:30  Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)

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