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Inside Death Row Texas (2)

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In most towns death has no schedule?but for an average of 16 persons per year, dates are scheduled ahead of time - dates where someone will be executed by lethal injection in the small town of Huntsville. "National Geographic Explorer's Inside: Huntsville" interviews three death row inmates as their dates of execution approach - and follow the stories of their families and loved ones as they deal with death firsthand. "Inside Huntsville" is not about guilt or innocent?it's about how the death sentence is carried out by the State of Texas? about the men and women, whom by choice or circumstance, become players in the act of executing another human being. And it is about how the residents of Huntsville feel about living in a town that's ground zero for capital punishment in the United States. (t)
Episode : 2
Season : 1


Kl: 23:46 Dato: 13-12-2017
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