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the Flash (S4E4)
the Simpsons (S8E10)
Futurama (S7E13)
Futurama (S8E1)
the Simpsons (S8E18)
the Simpsons (S8E19)
the Simpsons (S8E20)
Duck Quacks Don'T Echo (S4E2)
A League of Their Own (S3E4)
Sky One provides you with entertainment in the form of award winning series both from the UK and US series. In the listings you will find shows as The Simpsons, Modern Family, Ncis and many more. Through the time it has shows some of the most popular shows like Friends and An Idiot Abroad. Sky 1 gives you original programming for the entire family. Sky One started on 26 April 1982 as Satellite Television Ltd, and was Europe's first ever cable and satellite channel. Today Sky one is one of the most popular channels in the UK.
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